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Loxia leucoptera 

Loxia leucoptera

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The Two-barred Crossbill (Loxia leucoptera) is one of the crossbills in Finland. It is mainly a species of the Siberian coniferous forests, living at the westernmost borders of its distribution in here. In Finland, the species nests in the northern parts of the country in pine and spruce forests, feeding on their seeds, even though at the core of its distribution in Russia, it’s main diet consist of larch seeds.

The size of the nesting stock in Finland varies a great deal, from 500 couples all the way to 10.000, with the average being at around 1000 per year.

By its appearance, the Two-barred Crossbill resembles our other crossbills, with a frailer structure, and a brighter red coloration on the male and a brighter green on the female. The most certain distinguishing features in comparison to the other crossbills are the two easily noticeable white stripes on the wings.

The Two-barred Crossbill also differs from the other crossbills in terms of behavior. The species tends to separate the seeds without the cone being severed from the tree, meaning the bird hangs on the cone, unlike the Parrot Crossbill and the Red Crossbill, which remove the cone from the tree before separating the seeds.

The nesting habits are likely similar to our other crossbills.


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