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Sylvia nisoria 

Sylvia nisoria

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The Barred Warbler (Sylvia nisoria) is the largest of the Sylvia warblers nesting in here. In Finland, the Barred Warbler nests on the northernmost border of its habitat, with the majority of the bird being met in Åland and at the coast of Gulf of Finland. Nowadays its nesting stock in Finland consist of about 2.500 couples.

The species is migratory, arriving into our country between May and June and returning back into deep Africa in August, with the peak of the return migration taking place at the end of the month. This warbler of ours also migrates at night.

The bird prefers open areas with thick shrubbery. The nest is usually built on a juniper, but other bushes are also acceptable. Both the male and the female build the nest, brood the eggs and feed the hatchlings. The majority of the species lay their eggs somewhere around the middle of June. There are usually four to five eggs, lightly colored with a yellowish hue, decorated with green spots. The eggs take one and a half week to hatch, and the hatchlings stay in the nest for equally long. The young birds are being fed with mostly insects.

When it comes to old males of the species, identification is easy: they are grey from the top and lined with grey lines on an otherwise light surface from the bottom. The light-colored wing lines and the white edges of the tertials contribute to the already two-colored general impression. The females are more brownish-gray and the lines in the bottom are less obvious.


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