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Turdus torquatus 

Turdus torquatus

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The Ring Ouzel (Turdus torquatus) nests in mountainous areas, in ravines and on cliffs. In here, the bird’s distribution covers the birch-zone of the northern Lapland. The stock of nesting couples in Finland has been relatively stable, numbering at about 150 pairs, though several thousands of the birds nest behind the Finnish border in Finnmark.

During spring migration, the bird can be met elsewhere in Finland, mostly along the coast of Bothnian Bay and in the archipelago of Åland. The autumn migration routes are estimated to be even further west.


The Ring Ouzel looks like a Blackbird with a pattern resembling a duty officer’s neck plate. For those unfamiliar with the military, it might have to be specified that the pattern is a white patch shaped like an upwards-facing partial crescent moon under the Ring Ouzel’s neck, on its breast. The females are dimmer black in color and the breast pattern is grayer. The bird’s wings are dark gray but especially during flight appear to be light. There are subspecies of the Turdus torquatus met in Europe, with a slightly different coloration than this named species of ours.


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