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Turdus viscivorus 

Turdus viscivorus

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The Mistle Thrush (Turdus viscivorus) is the largest of the thrushes nesting in Finland. In here, the species is a summer visitor, coming here to breed. During spring, the bird mostly migrates at daytime, but the autumn migration is done mainly at night. During its nesting season, the bird’s distribution covers almost the entirety of Finland, excluding the northern Lapland. The amount of the birds in our country fluctuates between 40.000 to 70.000 couples. The stock has been considerably larger in earlier times.

By its appearance, the Mistle Thrush resembles the Song Thrush somewhat, but is clearly larger and possessing a better posture. On its back, the Mistle Thrush is brown, while the breast and the belly are light-colored, decorated with round spots. While on flight, the bird can be identified by its white wing underlay. The Fieldfare has a similar wing underlay, but the breast and the belly appear to be more colorful.


The Mistle Thrush enjoys bright pine woods and mixed woods, where it also builds its nest in May – or rather, the female does, while the male participates somewhat, but once the brooding starts, he begins to slack off, not even bothering to feed the female. The eggs, numbering in three to five, are either light gray or reddish-gray, with brown and red spots, and hatch after about two weeks of brooding. Both parents feed the young birds.


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